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"The world is my Lego Box"
~Jesse Anzini
Jesse Anzini

I am passionate about many things but creative problem solving is mainly what drives me. Whether it's a new way to build something, or helping someone figure out a relationship, it's simply what I enjoy most.

The study of psychology and philosophy have been a huge influence on my journey to understanding myself and the world. I recently published my first book with some ideas, concepts and discoveries in this department. The book is called: The Constantly Active Mind, An Operators Manual. Click the title for a link to the purchase the book on Amazon.com. You can learn more on the "Enhanced Enlightenment" page.

I also enjoy building the things I wish to see in the world, that do not yet exist. I have created many various functional art pieces such as: light fixtures, furniture, jewelry, and other various creations. You can view some of this work on the "Functional Art" and "Jewelry" pages.

The kitchen is an other place where I enjoy being creative. Cooking delicious food is an art form practiced daily. One my wife is particularly fond of. ;) See the Cooking page for delicious, simple meals. (Coming soon...) 

Feel free to contact me about any of this work.

Thank you,
~Jesse Anzini


225 The Crossroads Blvd.
Box. #169
Carmel, Ca. 93923

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