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"There is no path to happiness:
happiness is the path" -Buddha
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Jesse Anzini

Everyone deserves to be happy. When we meet someone who is genuinely happy, it is a pleasure to interact, no matter what the circumstance. There is a mutual exchange of positivity, where you get a chance to truly connect with someone else and be authentically human. Everyone has the ability to be happy, but it has to be a conscious choice.

I have spent much of my life searching for answers to the "big" questions: How does one recognize the right path for one's self? How does one find love? How does one become successful and happy?

This search has resulted in the publishing of my first book, The Constantly Active Mind, An Operators Manual. The book is full of mental tools, concepts and discoveries to help us along our journey through life. The book is only 108 pages long, but it is packed with information. I wanted to put the maximum amount of information into a manageable sized book.

Hare are the chapter titles to give you an idea of the content.

Author's Note
Chapter 1 Destination
Chapter 2 Observing Ego
Chapter 3 Memes
Chapter 4 Self Hypnosis
Chapter 5 Two Boxes
Chapter 6 Re-Beginning
Chapter 7 Raising Ourselves
Chapter 8 Emotion Is The Alarm
Chapter 9 The Security Blanket Called Anger
Chapter 10 Critics
Chapter 11 Reflection
Chapter 12 The gift of No
Chapter 13 Life According To Algebra
Chapter 14 Who Wants to Live Forever? (excerpt below)
Definitions and Explanations

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  Who wants to live forever?



     When one realizes or embraces the philosophical idea that: who we are today, would not and could not be possible without all those who influenced us, one begins to glimpse immortality. All those in our lives (including those who wrote the books we have read and those who helped create paper, the printing press etc.) influence who we are, how we see ourselves, etc. We are all reaping the benefits of those who learned it the hard way so we don’t have to.

     Immortality is the continual gain of experience and a body able to use these experiences. One might think the question is: how do we remain young? Keeping the body from aging or rejuvenating an aging body, is a question for medical science. Perhaps the question is: how do we become old in experience faster than we do in body?  Education can grant us experience and knowledge beyond our years. The ability to pass on and gain knowledge and experience is the closest thing we have to immortality.

     The question leads to the possibility that we are the reincarnation of those we follow, idolize, and choose as our educators. Those we use as role models are in a way, our previous lives. Reincarnation occurs when we accept the responsibility and burden, of being a vessel full of all the role models we have adopted as the central philosophy of who we are.

     Let us imagine for a moment we have died, leaving some record of our ideals, personality etc. Now imagine after we die, someone reads our books, studies our music, architecture etc. Isn’t this new being going to endeavor to continue the process of refining and discovering more about their inspiration? Perhaps to one day add their piece or pieces to the collection of knowledge?

     Imagine finding new inspiration from someone long gone. Now imagine the more we read and discover about this person, the more new inspiration we discover. Now imagine this work becomes the primary influence in the direction of the remainder of our life. Are we not at that time continuing at least a piece of the life of that long gone person? If they were here today, they may not be as we are but would they not be searching as we search? Now imagine we have hundreds, thousands or even millions of such influences given to us throughout our lives. What is our motivation?

     If we were born again, how much effort would we put into chasing our dreams? If we had another lifetime, a second chance, how much of our time would be spent watching TV and how much time would be spent accomplishing our originally unaccomplished goals? Knowing we had lived and died before, how much urgency would there be to GET IT DONE, whatever “it” may have been?

     This is the effort, the urgency and the passion we must apply to the things we believe we must do. When we allow our passion to flow, we become immortal beings and with proper diligence, we become reincarnated; all those we carry with us are reborn in us. The responsibility of carrying forward the whole human race relies on those who can stand on the shoulders of giants, without becoming petty small beings, maintaining the manor of this monolith, once we take in the view from the top.

     Now as the representative of all the parents and grandparents and great grandparents, all the way back to the beginning. All those who gave their lives to protect a friend that later became a parent. Life after life spent surviving the elements and animals and enemies to protect the children, through hundreds of thousands of years. They deserve our attention; they are with us in our genes; they are rooting for us; they want us to succeed, to win, to accomplish, to reach, to strive, to achieve, to be happy, after all; we are all their children, lets act like it.


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